The Department of Material Chemistry consists of four research units involved in seven fields: Design of Functional Materials, Inorganic Material Chemistry (Laboratory of Inorganic Structural Chemistry and Laboratory of Industrial Solid-State Chemistry), Organic Material Chemistry (Laboratories of Organic Reaction Chemistry, Organic Chemistry of Natural Products, Analytical Chemistry of Materials), Polymer Material Chemistry (Laboratories of Polymer Physics and Function, and Biomaterial Chemistry), Nanomaterials (Nanomaterials).

In order to promote the development of new functional materials based on integrated science, the Department engages in intra-departmental and extra-departmental research exchange and is developing a structure for research cooperation. The Department also accepts students and researchers from foreign countries, and actively promotes collaboration with overseas research institutions. In this way, we are undertaking the development of a research and education environment that will make the Department an international research and education center in the field of materials research.