Introduction to Research

The Department of Material Chemistry engages in the molecular design and syntheses of organic, inorganic and polymer materials, and conducts research to create new functional materials by evaluating physical properties.

Specifically, in the field of inorganic material chemistry, the Department focuses on research on the construction of nanostructures and the control of various aspects of their properties, emphasizing solids for ceramics and amorphous materials. Another area of focus, from the perspective of solid-state chemistry, is research on the basic properties of inorganic solids and their application to functional inorganic materials. In the field of organic material chemistry, the Department engages in the development of highly selective reactions by means of transition metal catalysts and reactants, and the development of physiologically active substances, molecular electronics and photonic materials utilizing these reactions. In the field of polymer material chemistry, we emphasize research on polymer material properties on the basis of polymer rheology and research on biomaterials through the use of synthetic reactions using peptides and sugars. The Department also has laboratories that engage in related research in the design of functional materials, analytical chemistry of materials, and other areas.

Distinctive characteristics of the Department are research that integrates every step from theoretical conception to concept evaluation through actual synthetic research, and active opinion exchange and joint research among researchers in different research fields.